Land Rights & Access

  • Key Achievements:
    CIRUM has successfully facilitated the development of Red Books in a number of communities, by developing participatory processes and developing a mechanism for Ethnic Minority communities’ voice through LandNet, a network of community level groups of ethnic minority citizens concerned for their access and management of customary lands.

    How we work:
    CIRUM, LandNet and our alliance (SPERI/CENDI/CODE) have been working with forest and land right issues for over 20 years dealing with different conflicts over forestry land use and management. We start by supporting forest land allocation programmes as a mean to look at land rights issues and building engagement among different stakeholders such as local decision makers, technical officials, local experts and communities.  CIRUM acts as lead in the alliance for implementing land rights projects.

    Our focus for the future:
    (1) We will support LandNet to ensure it has the systems and structure to operate independently and effectively to ensure communities can access their rights under the Forestry Law 2017
    (2) We will expand LandNet to cover communities in Vietnam and neighbouring countries where communities are negatively affected by large scale developments.

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