Sustainable Income Generation

  • Key Achievements:
    In the last 13 years, our models have been applied in six provinces in  the North, Central and Central Highlands of Vietnam. The provinces are Lao Cai, Lang Son, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh and Kon Tum. 

    How we work:
    CIRUM is proud to be a pioneer in building new, sustainable livelihoods models to create more secure incomes for ethnic minority people and empower them to manage natural forests. 
    Predominantly, people grow trees for wood in production forests. After harvesting, they burn the remains of the tree. This leaves the ground unprotected for at least two months before new plants develop. In the long run, this activity causes soil erosion, biodiversity loss and reduced greenhouse gas sequestration. Communities are not involved in decision-making about land use and often lose access to sources of sustainable income.
    Alongside working to secure ethnic minorities’ access to land, CIRUM works with communities to identify sustainable income models that empower ethnic minority people in managing natural forests. Women’s empowerment is also one of the outcomes of implementing these models. Instead of having to go to distant forests to collect forest products, women can now take care of trees and other income-generating plants on their own family land or community forest and obtain a more stable income.

    Our focus for the future: 
    (1) We will continue to support the communities with whom we work in developing sustainable income generation models
    (2) We will continue to provide small grant investment for the strat-up and growth of identified feasible models.