Land Right

    CIRUM is an organization focused on practical land rights for ethnic minority peoples of upland Vietnam. One of our programs that targets the allocation of formal land rights use certificates in the Forest Land Allocation Program (FLAP). FLAP operates in various provinces of Vietnam and is supported by CIRUM and LandNet. The program aims at strengthening Ethnic Minority (EM) rights over forest and land areas. The processes of program implementation, and program results, is then used as practical evidence to advocate for EM land rights at the local and national levels.
    From 2005 to 2015, CIRUM supported FLAP implementation in provinces of Lang Son, Lao Cai, Nghe An and Kon Tum for communities of Tay, Nung, Dao, San Chi, San Diu, H'Mong, Thai, Xe Dang, Ro Ngao, Ja Rai ethnic minorities. This involved the successful allocation of over 9,6000 hectares of forest land back to communities and households.

    Following these successes in land allocation and land rights recognition, CIRUM aims to scale up FLAP in the future with the following key objectives:
    ●       to gain legal rights of forest land and forest land for EM communities;
    ●       to solve land conflicts so that more land will be allocated to communities;
    ●       to document successful Land Allocation model as evidence for policy advocacy
    Orientation for FLAP over the next year:
    ●       Continue doing research and advocacy to support land allocation for EM communities in Lao Cai, including communes: (i) Den Sang commune (Bat Xat district)- reviewing community forest and assigning Red Books (the common term for Land Use Certificates)  in which the village community (Red Dzao and Giay ethnics) is titled as a whole, and (ii) Cao Son commune, (Muong Khuong district)- where FLAP plans to allocate community forests to Red Dzao and Hmong communities
    ●       Continue to support forest land allocation and assist with forest management for rural resettlement from 2 hydropower project sites in the province, and Cua Dat Dong Van commune, Que Phong district, province Nghe An.
    ●       In Kon Tum- support community FLAP in Dac Ha commune, Tu Mo Rong district and Ngoc Reo.
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