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Simacai Farmer Field School (Simacai FFS)
The Farmer Field School (FFS) has been established as a major target of the Liso Alliance, as a means of promoting sustainable agriculture among Ethnic Minorities in Lao Cai, Northern Vietnam. The overarching goal of the FFS is to conserve and promote indigenous eco-farming and natural resource management practices of Ethnic Minorities.

In 2015, CIRUM took over the FFS in Simacai, Lao Cai from the Social Policy Ecology Research Institute (SPERI). Local Ethnic Minorities are employed to work at FFS Simacai, and aims to educate local ethnic minority communities in all aspects of eco-farming, from organic fertiliser production to veterinary skills for ethical care of farm animals. The FFS Simacai’s accomplishments have been recognized by local governments, communities and the LISO Alliance. The school operation consults with different stakeholders, including CIRUM technical staff, Lao Cai Vocational Training School, Simacai local governments and knowledgeable local people (village elders, healers and other eco-farming experienced people).
See CIRUM-produced videos about the work being done at the FFS Simacai here:
Orientation for FFS Si Ma Cai activities between 2016 to 2020:
●      Collaborate with the Simacai District People's Committee and Lao Cai Vocational Training School College to organize short-term training courses. Expected outcomes of those training courses are to have at least 100 eco-farming models being practiced by FFS students. The models, learnt at FFS Simacai, include farm planning, veterinary training, tree nursery management, income generating activities from local forests, producing biological food for livestock and cattle etc.
●      Develop nurseries of indigenous trees (timber and fruit trees) for training and income generation with the participation of LandNet members;
●      Develop  business-oriented cattle raising techniques;
●      Expand livestock keeping alongside with production of home-made livestock feed, to comply with Lao Cai Provincial Resolution No 22 (Livestock development as a poverty alleviation intervention for provincial mountainous areas) and for training sessions at FFS;
●      Develop curricula and materials for eco-farming practices (i.e Banana circle, probiotics for growth of plants and animals, production of worms) and organic products (i.e herbs, vegetables, tea, ginger, local fruits, wine, chicken);
●      Organize seminars, workshops and training courses in the field of natural resource management towards sustainable livelihoods
The Farmer Field School is located at Doi 4 village, Si Ma Cai District, Lao Cai Province
For more information, please contact FFS Simacai manager Nguyen Ba Tham, email:


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