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In accordance with CIRUM’s broad goals of gaining land rights for Ethnic Minority peoples, CIRUM recognises that the women in EM communities experience disadvantage in their daily lives. They are afforded less access to education, to decision-making and to matters of their livelihood. As Ethnic Minority women, the women that CIRUM works with represent the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in the Vietnam.
Therefore, CIRUM considers the issues of gender inequality to be an organizational focus, and is to committed to the inclusion of mainstreaming of gender across its organizational activities and program. CIRUM uses a participatory approach to work with communities and find suitable methods assist local people to empower women, for women to take on leadership roles, be included in decision making, and to promote equal rights and recognition in the roles of men and women in forest and land management. 
CIRUM has several goals and achievements in relation to gender equality in regional communities. These goals are:
●       to implement gender training courses, workshops, and seminars and include the stories and experiences of women into videos and media to be shared with the wider community
●       to further develop the Gender Ambassador Network as means of advocating from within EM communities on the treatment of women, of women’s representations and women’s work. The GAN takes male and female volunteers from communities and works with them start conversations around gender inequality, and those gender ambassadors then share their experiences with their community and at CIRUM workshops and events. (To read more about gender workshops and the GAN, click here)
●       to support small women-led, economic-based projects related to the management of natural resources
●       to conduct gender-inclusive researches in Lao Cai, Nghe An and Kon Tum;
●       to develop Gender Strategy underlying the work of Gender Program for the next coming years
CIRUM has produced two documentaries to raise awareness to gender inequality in ethnic minority communities:
‘Out of the house in into society’ highlights the damaging gender stereotypes and gender roles that keep women from participating fully in society.
‘Gender equality in marriage’ follows the experiences of different ethnic minority couples, including the parents of a CIRUM staff member, and shows how relationship dynamics and gender roles play an important part in gender equality.
Both of these illuminating documentaries are used to supplement CIRUM’s Gender Training programs and act as an important resource in ethnic minority gender issues.
Orientation for the Gender Program between 2017 and 2018:
●       Organization of seminars presented in relation to women's empowerment through sustainable income-generating activities;
●       Finding key people to become Gender Ambassadors through local initiatives and activities of sustainable forest management;
●       Developing an Action Plan to create Gender Ambassador Networks to raise awareness of Gender Equality;
●       Mainstreaming Gender Equality throughout CIRUM’s programs and community activities
For more detail, please contact the Program Manager: Tran Thi Hoa, email:

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