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Community forest management, protection and development in the Central Highlands
Author: Phan Dinh Nha
Publication Date: 2016
Pages: 8
Publisher: CIRUM
Keywords: Community forest, management, protection,development, Central Highlands
Forest degradation in the Central Highland is a recent increasing threat, which is caused by promotion of transferring from natural forests into large-scale mono plantation, urbanization, industrial zones and mining industry. The number of households facing shortage of production land in 2014 was even higher than that of 2004 despite the implementation of programmes for providing production land to farmers, which are known as Programme 132, 134, and 1592. Rapid decrease of forest area means a loss of cultural spaces of the ethnic minority peoples in the Central Highland, which in turn negatively affect cultural, spiritual life of the local people. Village cultural practice that is closely linked with forests disappears, while the holly forests are violated. With an increasing presence of foreign companies in this region, conflicts within Central Highland deriving from discrepancy in natural resource management becomes a hot political and security issue over the recent decade. This situation should be carefully considered in order to set up and implement suitable and effective solutions aiming at sustainable regeneration of forests in the area.
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