Capacity building training on communication and management skills for CIRUM’s staff

  • To enhance staff capacity, CIRUM recently underwent a 2-day workshop on communication and management skills. The training is one of CIRUM’s strategic activities for the organization’s development. Staff were expected to realize effective communication and management skills, and use those skills in their work.
    On the first day, Nguyen Nhu Son, the trainer from CENDI, introduced different concepts of communication and the importance of communication skills at work and in personal relationships. He emphasized the importance of communication skills for success in any business, and that respect and honesty are the core of effective communication. Allocating and controlling work in a team were also focused on in the training. Staff got involved during the training by sharing their own communication experiences dealing at work. The trainees analyzed their communication methods using specific examples, and proposed recommendations toward effective communication. The ultimate goal for the first day of training was to assist the trainees in finding suitable approaches to communicate more effectively with their colleagues and partners.
    Communication training/Photo: CIRUM
    Building on the communication skill training, on the second day, the trainees broadened their understanding about management skills. The trainees worked in two groups to identify their concerns about management skills. The groups then proposed solutions for their concerns.

    Group discussion on management skills/Photo: CIRUM
    The two group discussions identified obstacles that have hindered the progress of staff in the past, including lack of team work, plan management and plan commitment. To avoid these limitations, the participants had some suggestions. Firstly, the need for staff to improve their attitudes at work was outlined. It is essential that staff are responsible for and committed to their own work. Secondly, staff need to become active in connecting and communicating with other members.  Staff committed to creating a respectful and open working environment so that they are able to understand and support each other’s work. Lastly, staff called for more training for both individual and office-wide capacity building.
    CIRUM staff found the communication and management workshop useful and informative, and looked forward to continuing to improve their communication and management skills in the future.