CIRUM staff training on Office Communication at the Farmer Field School Simacai

  • The staff at CIRUM have recently travelled to our Farmer Field School (FFS) in Simacai, to participate in training aimed at improving their communication skills and work efficiency.


    From the 26-27th of November, 12 staff from CIRUM’s Hanoi office and the FFS worked with Mr Nguyen Nhu Son of the Community Entrepreneur Development Institute (CENDI), one of CIRUM’s partner organisation and a part of the LISO Alliance.


    The training involved theoretical lessons on best practice for inter-office communication. These lessons included discussions between staff, as well as practical examples for how to deal with different situations at work. Mr Giang A Su,  the FFS manager, used the example of how he coordinates his work at the school with preparation for visits from tourists, local authorities, and teachers. The trainer and other participants gave feedback on how to best manage these situations.


    Staff were also introduced to new methods of presentation in the workplace, including the use of body language such as eye contact and hand shaking, and structuring presentations through context, objectives, methods and results.


    The staff thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, although the more junior staff were less confident in the beginning. However, through examples given from more senior staff, the more junior staff felt more engaged. Cu Seo Sang, a H’Mong ethnic and CIRUM staff at the FFS, said "I was nervous at first. However, after this 2-day training session, I feel more confident to talk with people. I know how to present my thoughts to my manager and other people. I wish to participate in other training session like this. It’s very useful”

    Staff at the training-Photo: CIRUM

    Staff practice effective communication-Photo: CIRUM


    Staff pratice team work-Photo: CIRUM


    All participants-Photo: CIRUM