Decree 75 / 2015 /ND-CP – Policy lobby success for LISO

  • Decree 75 on the mechanism and policy for forest protection and development in relation to quick and sustainable poverty reduction policies for ethnic minorities from 2015-2020 has been issued by the Central Government on 9th September 2015.

    LISO has a representative in the MARD drafting committee. The committee had produced a draft of this decree mentioning target beneficiaries as ‘isolated and difficult villages’. These villages would be able to access forest protection fees, just increased from VND 200,000 (approximately USD 9) per ha per year to VND 400,000 (approximately USD 18) per ha per year.

    The mention of ‘villages’ in the draft was a problem since it is people from the whole commune who are involved in protection, not just people from specific villages. If you split villages and benefits in the commune, it will cause ill-feeling from those who do not receive benefits and may speed up destruction of protected forests.
    LISO intervened and advised MARD of this danger, and the decree was revised as a result, so that everyone in each commune would benefit and thus the forest would be better protected. The English Version of the Decree can be downloaded here.