Discussion on Forest Law 2017 draft amendments

  • On August 8, 2018, CIRUM held a discussion on Forest Law 2017 draft amendments. The discussion was based on recommendation from community representatives of several provinces, experience in forest land allocation and building sustainable income models for ethnic minority people living in forest areas. CIRUM emphasized and suggested considering the valuation of cultural values, value of water sources in sacred forests and protection forest as well as water sources which have been managed by communities for ages.
    The discussion focused on rights and obligations of households and communities as forest owners. Discussion results will be sent to policy drafting committee.

    Besides, seven circulars under this law have been discussed and recommendations were given. These include the following documents: i) Draft Circular on forest boundaries and importance of protection forests; ii) Draft Circular on exploitation written records and trace-ability of forest products; iii) Draft Circular on sustainable forest management; iv) Draft circular on silvicultural measures; v) Draft Circular on forest valuation; vi) Draft Circular on sustainable forest management; vii) Draft circular on forestry plant varieties.