Small grant, great results

  • In 2017, CIRUM has a support program for Ja rai ethnic people’s livelihood development under the forest canopy in Bar Goc village, Sa Son commune, Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province. An initial area of 20 ha was  supported to develop agro-forestry products.   Following this success, villagers have expanded to grow Sa nhan tim (Amomum longiligulare) on another 15 hectares. After 2 years of implementation, the project was highly appreciated by the local authorities and villagers.
    On behalf of the locality, Mr. Doan Van Tam - Vice Chairman of Sa Son Commune People's Committee sent a letter expressing his gratitude for the support of CIRUM, as quoted below:

    “On behalf of the local officers and the people of the Bar Goc village, I would like to express my sincere thanks to CIRUM and Mr. Su for your interest in and support for the model of Sa nhan tim (Amomum longiligulare) in Sa Son commune. Local authorities are always interested in working with CIRUM  as our joint projects have always been enthusiastically implemented by local people, officials and CIRUM.
    Currently, local authorities are studying models to deploy the VND 90-million fund that CIRUM has supported, in order to maximiseresults. Due to the process of personnel changes, the implementation of the model is somewhat slow, so we will try to implement commitments with CIRUM in a proper way.
    I wish all CIRUM members and Mr. Nguyen Van Su good health, happiness and success.
    We look forward to seeing you in Sa Son commune”. (July 29, 2019).