Surveying forest and herbal medicine of the Red Dao people in Sai Duan village

  • In April and June 2022, CIRUM conducted two forest surveys and studied traditional medicine knowledge, especially bathing medicine of the Red Dao people in Sai Duan village, Phin Ngan commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province.
    Members of Sai Duan Herbal Bathing Service team discussed about herbal medicine
    The research team together with members of Sai Duan Herbal Bath Service team surveyed in the community forests, including the wooden and bamboo areas. There have been 40 species of plants recorded by the research team, of which 39 species have the effect of steam bathing and are collected and used by the Service team members and herbal healers.
    The survey team discuss about herbal medicine and community forest protection
    According to the research team's observations, the Sai Duan Service team regularly uses over 20 different species of medicinal plants for each herbal bathing preparation. This explains why the quality of herbal bath of Sai Duan Service team is always guaranteed to be fresh and pure. Members of the Service team said that they still follow the custom and experience taught by their mothers and grandmothers, which is to use medicinal water to wash the bath-tub to ensure the best effect of the bath medicine.
    Collecting medicinal herbs in the community forest
    Sai Duan village has been supported by CIRUM to affirm the forest land use rights to community forests since 2014, so people can actively collect medicinal herbs in combination with practicing forest protection and conservation of rare species. With the advantages of medicinal resources along with traditional knowledge practices, herbal bathing service is a strong point among the community tourist services being developed in Sai Duan village and in Phin Ngan commune in general.