Village wins back traditional lands from Southern Paper Material Company

  • Southern Paper Material Company has given back 50 hectares of traditional land to K’Bay ethnic minority village in Kon Tum province. LandNet has supported a longstanding request by the villagers to the company and local authorities to return their land, located in upstream areas, for reforestation.

    The villagers have expressed their gratitude and happiness about the return of their traditional land. The area will be restored and water resources will be protected for domestic use by the community.
    The next stage is investigating indigenous forestry species for reforestation, and working out how to source them in sufficient quantities. The village currently lacks a detailed plan, budget or sufficient plants for the reforestation process.
    “We look forward to receiving ideas from LandNet members and other individuals interested in restoring this forest,” said community leader and active LandNet member Mr. A Duu.