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Big cheers to our success lobby forestry law revision
Posted Date: 19/11/2017
Dear All,
We are so pleased to inform you that we have been successful in lobbying for the recognition of the rights of EM over their customary forests. The Forestry Law Revision has been newly passed on 15 November 2017, and CIRUM/LandNet/LISO, with the active supports from EU, ICCO, CARE Vietnam, BftW, Mcknight Foundation, and CCFD, have successfully lobbied for the main following new rights:
  1. EM communities are legally recognized as forest owners [1] (this was absent in the previous Forestry Law).To this end, EM communities have the same rights as other forest owners (like state owned organizations, forestry companies/private companies);  
  2. EM communities have legal rights to receive government fees for forest protection and payments for environment service (PES) [2], to practice forest belief [3],  establish ecotourism business organizations [4],  government helps to carry out forest based income generation activities and reforestation with local forestry species [5], to own planted trees that have been invested by communities themselves [6].
  3. Traditional forests of EMs (sacred forests, water source forests) are legally recognized as special use and protection forests and can be legally allocated to EMs for management and protection [7]. To this end, EMs have fully legal rights to access and control over their traditional forests [8].
  4. EM communities and households have legal rights to involve in forestry      activities (forest management planning, forest land allocation, etc) to promote transparency and gender equality [9]
  5. Customary law in forest land allocation and forest management is legally recognized [10]

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[7] Point 1 (d), Point 2 (d), Point 3 (a) Article 16
[8] Point 9 Article 2
[9] Point 4 Article 3, Point 1 (d) Article 10
[10] Point 8 Article 14

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