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Regional experience in advocating forest land for ethnic minority people
Posted Date: 09/08/2017
HAGL signed an restitution agreement with the ethnic minority people in Ratanakkiri
Workshop on Following the Money facilitated by CIRUM
Posted Date: 10/06/2017
Following the Money (FTM) is a new approach in Vietnam aiming at protecting of the rights of affected communities against harmful investment. In order to provide basic concept of FTM and simultaneously strengthen sharing and mutual supporting in FTM among civil society organizations, CIRUM facilitated a workshop on FTM in Hanoi on 2nd June 2017. Representatives from 12 civil society organizations, including two international NGOs (CARE in Vietnam and CCFD) attended the workshop.
Workshop in Central Highland for contribution to the revised draft law on Forest protection and development
Posted Date: 13/05/2017
This workshop is the following one after the other two workshops: the first was for Northern provinces organized in Lao Cai province on 7th April 2017 by the Vietnam Administration of Forestry, Lao Cai provincial department of Agriculture and rural development and CIRUM, and the second was a national workshop organized by the Nationalities Council of the National Assembly, CIRUM, CENDI and CODE in Hanoi on 26th April 2017. 
Co-management and protection of forests – suitable approach for the people living near forests in Bar Goc village, Sa Son commune, Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province
Posted Date: 10/05/2017
Leasing contract for forest protection in combination with stabilization of livelihood of people living near forests is a policy of the state for many years. Reality shows that people can get limited economic benefit from such contract, therefore, effective of forest protection and development is not high. Contract for forest protection in combination with support local people to set up their integrated farming to create stable income from forests, in other words, "co-management of forests" is a suitable approach, which should be replicated in other localities.
Vietnamese Forestry law should ensure the rights of ethnic minority people over their forest resources
Posted Date: 29/04/2017
The rights of ethnic minority people (EM) over their traditional forest resources are the most discussed issues at lobby workshop to make sure the  livelihood of people living in and close to forests, and sustainable development of forests are secured.
The Thai ethnic minority people in Dong Van commune get long term land rights for the first time (28/04/2017)
Ethnic Minority Communities should regain equal rights to forests (10/04/2017)
CIRUM and LandNet's policy recommendations on household and community land are incorporated in a Decree guiding Land Law implementation (13/03/2017)
‘Kỵ Gió’ – a sacred day of the Red Dao people in Dền Sáng commune, Bát Xát district, Lào Cai province (06/03/2017)
Fencing community forest and solutions for community-based forest protection (06/03/2017)
The forest comes back, and so does the Highlands culture. (06/03/2017)
"The law of the jungle" at the Annamese Range (06/03/2017)
Return traditional forestland to community and reduce costs issue (19/02/2017)
Assessing ethnic minority youths’ needs for vocational training in Si Ma Cai district (19/02/2017)
Thai ethnic community in Đồng Văn commune confirm their land rights (19/02/2017)
Rubber comes back, community forests are under pressure (14/02/2017)
Meeting of CIRUM Board members (10/01/2017)
Secondary school students from Hanoi visit Farmer Field School Simacai, Lao Cai (27/12/2016)
Chairman of Kon Tum People’s Committee awards Ka Bay village for ‘Best village community forest management’ (12/12/2016)
CIRUM Workshop increases knowledge of legal framework, formalities and administrative procedures related to land rights in local communities of Quang Binh (05/12/2016)
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Ecological value of “Sa nhân tím” (Amomum longiligulare) at Sải Duần village, Phìn Ngan Commune, Bát Xát district, Lào Cai Province
03-16-2017 - 11:03:22
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The role and significance of village and community forest in ethnic minority communities in Vietnam
The role and significance of village and community forest in ethnic minority communities in Vietnam
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