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Management of traditional forests: From practice to policy formulation
Author: CIRUM
Publication Date: 2017
Pages: 238
Publisher: Hồng Đức Publishing House
Keywords: Community, forest, land, tradition, village, management, policy
In order to have a foundation of evidence-based and context-based contributions to the changes and amendments of the 2004 Forest Protection and Development Law, the Culture Identity and Resources Use Management Center (CIRUM) collaborated with LISO alliance, The Forest People's Land Rights Network (LANDNET), and other partners to carry out “Village-based Forest and Land Management, Use, and Protection Rights in Vietnam’s Ecological Regions”. These case studies and models were researched with assistance from the following funders: ICCO, BFW, CARE, Mcknight Foundation, and CCFD.
CIRUM wishes to publish this book to contribute to the on-going analysis and research by policy makers, researchers, and community development organizations.
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