• Ms. Tran Thi Hoa  
    Educational Background: Graduated from Hanoi Foreign Teachers University, 1986. Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Policy and Project Planning, ISS, the Netherlands, 2001
    Work experience: 4 years as manager of international relationships, Vietnam Research Institute for Education and Training, Ministry of Education and Training
    3 years Regional FAO manager of reforestation programme, covering Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan and Vietnam
    5 years vice-director of Towards Ethnic Women, 9 years director of CIRUM
    18 years in ethnic minority forest and land rights and community development; trainer in gender and household economic management via saving and credit use and management; facilitator in strengthening customary law based forest management and protection, community based organizations, and networking at village level for lobbying and advocacy over land right issues (LandNet); promoting forest based income activities via small grants.
    Interests: Long-term forest land use rights and sustainable forest management for ethnic minorities; Research & Advocacy for affected communities; social enterprise and networking.
    Present position in organization: Founder & Director of CIRUM, Advisor for LandNet Development; Working Group Member of Lower Mekong Network. Consultant for Community led  Traditional Herbal Bath Service in Sai Duan village, xã Phin Ngan, Bat Xat district of Lao Cai province.
    Mr. Nguyen Van Su  
    Educational Background: Degree in Agricultural Irrigation from Construction University, Sophia, Bulgaria
    Present position in organisation: Field research and services programme coordinator; Vice-Director of CIRUM
    Working experience: Previously with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's (MARD) strategic unit, the National Institute of Agricultural Planning and Projection (NIAPP).
    Many years as team leader on research projects, national and international resettlement projects, bio-diversity and environmental protection projects and rural development projects at provincial and district level, funded by a variety of donors for example EU, GEF, FAO, UNDP and INGOs.
    Working with Arem, Ede, Bana, Jarai, Rơ Ngao, Xơ Đăng, H're, K'Tu, Vân Kiều, Pa Cô, Mã Liềng, Khùa, Ma Coong, Sách, Sinh Mun, Mông, ZDao, Tày, Nùng, Khơ Me, Thái, Lào ethnic minorities since 1985 in Central Highlands, Central Viet Nam, Northern and Western provinces of Viet Nam; Laos and Campuchia.
    Interests:  Equality for all ethnic minorities in Viet Nam; Preserving cultural identities of ethnic groups and developing livelihood models in community forests for ethnic minorities
    Mr. Phan Dinh Nha  
    Educational Background: Graduated from Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, with major in Rural Engineering and MS. in Rural Development.
    Present position in organization: Reasearch and Lobby/Advocacy Manager
    Working experiences: Reseacher/Project Manager at National Institue of Agriculture Planning and Projection, MARD; Project Coordinator of Vietnam Union of Scientific and Technolgical Associations (VUSTA); Expert at Research, analysis, and Lobby/Advocacy at LISO.
    Mr. Pham Van Dung  
    Educational Background: Degree in Justice Law, Hanoi University of Law; MA in Anthropology, University of Waikato.
    Present position in organisation: Officer of Media and foreign relation.
    Work experience: community development, writing project proposal, project monitoring, evaluation and report; gender, savings and micro credit; research on cultural identity and customary law; advocacy for land and forest rights for ethnic minority communities; cross-border responsible agribusiness; value chain of agricultural products.
    Interests: Interaction between customary laws of ethnic minorities and statutory laws.
    Mr. Nguyen Ba Tham  
    Educational Background: Degree in rural development and extension, University of Agriculture, Hanoi
    Present position in organisation: Project manager, Media
    Work experience: Community development; Project management; Filming and Edit film
    Interests: Working with ethnic minorities in remote areas; participatory video

    Mr. Bui Tien Dung
    Educational Background: Bachelor of Urban Forestry from Vietnam National University of Forestry. Master of Environment for Sustainable Development from Vietnam National University in Hanoi.
    Present position in organisation: Manager of LandNet programme and Uplands Tribal Tours 
    Work experience: Designing and planning of sustainable farming model management , coordinating land allocation and community development.
    Interests: Training and research skills, tribal experience
    Ms. Dinh Thi Ai  
    Educational Background: Banking and finance, Finance Institute
    Present Position in organization: Accountant
    Interests: Development work
    Email: dtai@cirum                                                                                                                                                        
    Mr. Nguyen Van Dung  
    Present Position in organization: Driver, logistic and gardening
    Interests: Development work

    Mr. James Pilkington  
    Educational Background: master’s degree in Political Economy from the University of Sydney and an MBA from Melbourne University
    Present position in organisation: support social enterprise development initiatives
    Work experience: James has a background in NGO management and social enterprise development, working with Indigenous organisations in northern Australia. Previously, he was involved in the management of a number of international development projects in sustainable forest management globally.
    Interests: using business to protect culture and the environment
    Ms. Nguyễn Thu Trang  
    Educational Background: Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance from Hanoi University
    Present position in organisation: Communication officer
    Work experience: Website editor and social media management 
    Interests: Training and media