Sin Cheng, Lao Cai: Deeper study for a complete forest map

  • CIRUM has been working with the Lao Cai Forest Protection Department and Lao Cai People’s Committee to pilot the reconciliation of overlapping forest boundaries in Sin Cheeng commune, Simacai district, under the new Forest Law. 
    The revised Forest Law in 2017 introduced a major change to the ways forests are owned and managed in Vietnam. For the first time, ethnic minority communities were recognized as forest owners and customary use forests where legally defined. To support implementation of the law, CIRUM, a pioneering NGO in Vietnam, has been working on Clause 4, Article 108 of the revised law, which allows the review and reconciliation of overlapping boundaries of forest areas between communities and state owned organizations, for better legal use and management.

    Together with Lao Cai Forest Protection Department, Lao Cai People Committee, CIRUM had previously started the pilot in Sin Cheeng commune, Simacai district, where overlapping is an issue. After the baseline study and needs assessment, we returned to the commune in September 2018 to undertake deeper situational analysis and mapping in order to assist the community to comply with both the state law and customary law. This time, we compiled a new map, basing on five different existing maps, in consultation with local people. All data gathered, along with the maps we created, will be used for producing guidelines for the wider implementation of the new decree following the new law, which will become effective in January 2019.