Nep Xua - Business Arm

  • Key Achievements:
    In 2019 CIRUM started a company, Nep Xua  to operate social enterprises to benefit ethnic minority communities with whom we work. We tested a model of running community based eco tours and assisted Sai Duan Commune to fulfil their dream to operate a Traditional Community run Herbal Bath House.
    Sai Duan is in a successful start-up phase.
    In reviewing the pilot phase of Nep Xua, CIRUM decided to take the learning from operating tours and use it  to assist communities to access the eco-tourism market through ethical tour operators.

    How we work:
    We work in partnership with the local community and market providers to design and deliver cultural and eco-friendly experiences that meet market demand and delivers income for communities.

    Our focus to the future:
    (1) Nep Xua will support two key partners: Human Ecology Practice Area and Sai Duan Commune in Lao Cai; to build them as sustainable eco businesses.
    (2) We will develop a new community based tourism site with one of the communities with whom we work and in partnership with an eco-tourism market provider,
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