Graduation Ceremony Eco- farming training course at FFS Simacai Lao Cai

  • “I like this course a lot. I have learnt a lot of knowledge and skills that I never knew before.” -Hoang Seo Nha, student

    CIRUM, in partnership with the Lao Cai Vocational Training College, recently held a graduation ceremony for the first round of students out of the Farmer Field School.

    On September 29th, the 17 graduating students from the ‘Agro-Forestry and Veterinary Medicine’ training course were joined by representatives of CIRUM, the vocational school and the Simacai District Department of Labour-Invalids and Social Affairs.

    Graduation ceremony/ Photo: CIRUM

    The course was aimed at improving the success of livestock raising, something that Nguyen Van Huy, the district head of the Department of Labour-Invalids and Social Affairs, said was key to the overall development of Simacai as a district. Mr Huy was so pleased with course, that he stated his willingness to employ 2 students on his farm as veterinary workers with a monthly salary of 5 million VND- an excellent sign for the career development of the students.

    Mr Nguyen Van Huy (standing)/Photo: CIRUM


    The course teacher, Nguyen Hong Cham, said the students were committed to the course and their hard work was reflected in grades. Excellent grades were received by 7 of the students, 8 students obtained fair grades, and 2 students achieved average grades. Pham Duc Binh, head of the Training Department at the vocational school, attended the ceremony and announced the certification of all students rewarding those who had received excellent results with cash and achievement plaques.

    Ms Nguyen Hong Cham/ Photo: CIRUM

    Some students and their certificates/ Photo: CIRUM

    Excellent students of the training course/ Photo: CIRUM


    The course focused on practical learning, with 80% of time spent learning in the field in order to improve the skills and knowledge. The Vice Director of CIRUM, Mr Nguyen Van Su, noted that this method also encouraged students to pass on their new skills to other within their communities. Many students made specific commitments to that end;  6 students promised to make banana circles at homes for organic waste, 10 students committed to making biological fertilizers, 14 students promised to make biological feed for animals, and 9 students committed to mulching their soil. Students were also given veterinary tool-kits to use in their villages.

    Pham Duc Binh/ Photo: CIRUM


    The course has encouraged students to continue learning, with 11 students expressing desire to study higher degrees.  Hoang Seo Nha said “After the course, I am able to recognize different livestock diseases and am confident to use vaccines to protect the animals at home. Other students and I promise to share what we have learnt with my neighbours and practice at our homes. I hope in the future there will be another course so that the students can continue. I am thankful for CIRUM, Lao Cai vocational training college and Simacai DPC to organize such an amazing training course for us”.

    Hoang Seo Nha, the student/ Photo: CIRUM

    Students and representatives from Simacai District, the vocational school and CIRUM/ Photo: CIRUM


    CIRUM and the Lao Cai Vocational Training School will continue to partner to provide an excellent standard of practical training to the local ethnic minority youth of Lao Cai.