Survey on the potential of community tourism in Phin Ngan commune

  • A survey on tourism potentials in Phin Ngan commune and a discussion on developing tourism products were conducted in June 2022. This activity aims at diversifying tourism products and services in Sai Duan in particular and Phin Ngan commune in general, towards improving the quality of community-owned eco-tourism. Phin Ngan commune leaders, CIRUM staff and representatives of Sai Duan herbal bathing service team participated in this activity.

    Beautiful landscape in Phin Ngan commune
    After the survey, a discussion between Sai Duan service team, commune leaders and CIRUM staff was held to identify tourism products that can be developed in Phin Ngan of Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province.

    Beauty of Sung Vui stream
    In addition to bathing services, local cuisine, cultural performances (which were already identified as local strengths), proposed future products include: going to the mountain top of San Mẩy cầu duyên (Peak of Crying Girl); shelter experience inside the bamboo forest; experience at the forest garden in Sai Duan; visit and bathe at Sung Vui stream; go rafting, visit caves and enjoy food on Lao Vang lake.

    Peak of Crying Girl, a good place to observe cloud and far overview
    CIRUM staff shared with Sai Duan service team members about the Tay people's farmstay model in Lam Thuong commune, Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province and analyzed their strengths, weaknesses, and lessons drawn from this model.

    Sharing on farmstay model
    The activities of Sai Duan service team have gradually stabilized, but the members want to have a further breakthrough in the number of visitors, jobs for members and revenue of the group. Therefore, the identification of investment items and the expansion of different types of tourism products are of great significance to the development direction of this service team in the coming time.