Villages in Sin Cheng commune obtain forest land use rights

  • After more than 2 years making efforts to carry out pilot model of reviewing forest types and solving land disputes and shortcomings, the Lao Cai Provincial Forest Protection Department (FPD), the People's Committee of Si Ma Cai District, the People's Committee of Sin Cheng Commune and the village leaders have completed forest land use right certificates for village communities in June 2021.

    This is the result of consultation of CIRUM and its cooperation with the Lao Cai Provincial FPD and the People's Committee of Si Ma Cai district for initiating the implementation of Clause 4, Article 108 of the Law on Forestry. We take this opportunity to thank the Bread for the World (BftW) for providing financial support for these activities.

    Although the final results of the project are obtained after the end of the project, the positive effects from enthusiasm, responsibility and determination of the relevant authorities and technicians in Lao Cai province, Si Ma Cai district and the local people can be clearly seen. Finally, securing production land and forest land for village communities is achieved. This is a good precondition for the local communities to continue practicing their customary laws in forest protection and development.
    (Photo provided by Thao A Long, Giang Sen Cui and Vang Thi Tam)