Workshop on Following the Money facilitated by CIRUM

  • Following the Money (FTM) is a new approach in Vietnam aiming at protecting of the rights of affected communities against harmful investment. In order to provide basic concept of FTM and simultaneously strengthen sharing and mutual supporting in FTM among civil society organizations, CIRUM facilitated a workshop on FTM in Hanoi on 2nd June 2017. Representatives from 12 civil society organizations, including two international NGOs (CARE in Vietnam and CCFD) attended the workshop. 
    A combination between presentation by CIRUM staff and participants’ discussion has helped participants to understand clearly concept of FTM, investment chain (upstream, midstream and downstream), actors involving in investment chain, mapping investment chain, identifying pressure points, operational standards, especially that of IFC.
    (Participants at the FTM workshop)
    Representatives of the participating organizations identified their specific issues of interests and discussed cooperation possibilities in order to protect the rights of affected communities and vulnerable people. Land and forest rights, impacts of large scale corporations on people’s land rights, GMO, mining, and water source management are among the issues which are most concerned by participants. Participants suggested following up activities, such as forums for sharing experiences and results of the FTM advocacy. They also designated CIRUM as coordinator and bridging organization for the FTM initiatives in the coming time.