Action Research & Advocacy

  • Sustainable forest resource management is fundamental to the economic development and social stability of a country. However, gaps in policies and policy implementation have been causing shortcomings in forest land use management in the mountainous areas of Vietnam. In fact, more than 70% of the complaints to the government at all levels relate to the field of forest land management. CIRUM’s Research and Policy Advocacy program aims to combat mismanagement with effective, research-based solutions and positive advocacy at all levels of government.
    Solving social conflicts in the field of forest land use management, especially for Ethnic Minorities (EM),  is one of strategic activities of CIRUM.  Our belief is that research and policy advocacy can be used to enhance access, use and protection rights over forest and forest land for ethnic minorities.

    Research and policy advocacy is performed at two levels:
    ●      at governmental level: changing awareness and mobilizing the support of governments and policy makers towards  the rights of EM. The changes should be indicated in the upcoming amended Law on Forest Protection and Development
    ●      at local level: capacity building for local EM communities and local social organizations to become involved in the consultation process for revision of the Law on Forest Protection and Development and related policies
    Expected outcomes of the program are :
    ●      That the roles and values of traditional EM cultures and communities in forest resource management are recognized by policy makers at all levels, and are indicated in the amended Forest Protection and Development Law and related policies;
    ●      The effective collaboration between local governments, functional departments and development agencies, community organizations and local communities in the process of developing and implementing policies of forest management. 
    Orientation for the program activities between 2016 and 2018:
    ●      Employ research results to advocate for forest land allocation to EM communities and the role of EM communities in forest resource management in the Northeast, Northwest, and Central Highlands
    ●      Organize workshops and seminars at the grassroots level, regional level, and national level to consult in the revision process of the Forest Protection and Development Law
    ●      Collaborate with the Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST), partners, LandNet and the media to conduct evaluation excursions to observe local forest management models to provide practical evidence for advocacy;
    ●      Contribute to the revision process of Forest Protection and Development Law through proposals sent to Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;
    ●      Participate in the consultation for policies and policy implementation after the amended Forestry Protection and Management Law has passed.
    For more information, please contact Program manager Phan Dinh Nha,